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1968-70    3rd Stone From The Sun   

(Morey Lomis - Drums & Vocals, Craig Hefelfinger - Organ, Gary Weiland - Bass , Randy Storms - Guitar)

(Unfortunately, I have no photos or recordings)

1967-70   Eastwood High School (Photos)

April 11, 1970 Toledo Blade -  Cherry Blossom Festival

1970-74   Capital University Music Conservatory


Richard Suddendorf, Conservatory Dean and Director of Concert Band and Orchestra

That's me, clear in back 1st chair Tuba (right)

Capital University Jazz-Rock Ensemble



Ray Eubanks - Director

Chris Hite - Lead
Chris Beheim
Tom Schwirtz - Solos 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
Gary Baylor - 1st Solo - 2
Bill Guegold
Tim Swinehart - Lead
Geoff Schleicher
Dan Wagner
Chuck Carothers
Mike Hoyt
Jim Dowdy - Lead
John Dirrickson - Solos
Herb Leply
Bill Sapf
Eric Guth
Randy Storms - Guitar 1 & 7
Ernest Reed - Guitar 2,3,4,5,6
Randy Searight - Piano
Dave Kasler - Bass
Greg Pearson - Drums 1 & 3
             - Percussion 5, 6, 7
Rick Hanby - Percussion 5, 6, 7
Dean Francis - Drums 2,4,5,6,7
             - Percussion 1 7 3
Dean Shoup
Peter Hesterman

TUBA - Randy Storms



1972          Capital University Brass Quartet


 Randy Storms - Tubist,  Ms. Toni Ryan - Pianist

Unfortunately, I can't find my program from the recital, and I don't remember the names of  the pieces or composers.  If anyone recognizes them I would really appreciate any input. 

Toni was one of the reasons I switched from piano to tuba as a major.  She was a good friend and a talented artist.   I lost track of her over the years but I hope she has had a successful career and wonderful life.

Toni accompanied me for 3 pieces.  They were 2 Trumpet solos and one Tuba solo.  All I can do here is list them as Tuba 1, 2 and 3 and Piano 1, 2 and 3 until I can find the program.   Then Toni finished with 2 pieces.

Click Here for the Playlist

1973            Lodestar

Dave Anthony- Bass, Kevin Wilmering - Drums,  Al Star - Vocals, George Moran - Trombone,  Gary Baylor - Sax,  Mike ?? - Trumpet

 This was the band I wish I had a recording of.  We were all music majors playing Chicago, BS&T, Chase, etc.  

1974-75    Wheelwing  

Dave Anthony - Bass - Harmony, Randy Storms - Guitar - Lead vocals ,  and ? - Drums 

We stole the name from the Ohio State Patrol logo.   (It's hard to come up with good band names.  At least back then we didn't have Google to tell us 14 other bands were already using the name.)

Sadly, the drummer's name has been lost in time.

I sing lead vocals except for Volunteer of America which features Dave on lead vocals

So here are some of the cover songs we did way back.

Note: The yellow lines show the mp3 files loading.  Let the line disappear

before playing the piece.  Otherwise the player tends to cut off the endings.



1979          The Doug Sharp Band

A country-rock band I played in in the Bowling Green (Ohio) area.

1985         Dark Horse


1991-99   Odyssey


2008-?     Montage    I left Montage in 2014, but they are still rocking on. 

                   Montage Videos  

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