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 Sitting In My Room (I Was Wrong)

 ©1973 (Back to Top)
Sitting in my room today, Wondering why you went away,
Wondering what I’m going to do, When I know our love is through.
I get up to wash and shave. Everywhere I look I see your face.
The sun is shining on the window pane. In my heart it’s only rain.

Yes I know that I was wrong.
What can I do now that you are gone?
To say “I’m sorry” I need the chance'
I may never see you again.

Sitting in my easy chair. Echoes of you in the air.
Like a mental phonograph I hear your soft and gentle laugh.
In every room I feel your touch. I wish I didn’t mind so much.
I brightly light the living room. In my heart it’s all so gloom.


Sitting in my room tonight. Waiting for tomorrow’s light.
In my sleep waits yesterday’s dreams. Like a panther lies a silent scream.
I don’t know just where you are. Any place is much to far.
With just myself for company. And an unforgotten memory.


© 2013 Rain, Rain     

Refrain        (Back to Top)
F                 C
Rain, Rain please go away
G                               F             C
I'd like to wake up to a sunny day
Rain, Rain, please go and hide.
Wanna look out my window and see sunny sky
C                                                     F
Well it rained again last night the whole night through
C                                             G
With flashes of lightning and loud thunder too.
It poured again all night, the gutters were running.
With clashes of thunder the whole thing was stunning.


The whole month of April my wipers were flapping
Any hint of the sun set me to a clapping.
But the rain kept on falling got under my skin
Till the only thing left was to break out the gin.


The last week of April the yard was a squishing
Was nothing to do I couldn't even go fishing
Got no more to say, 'cept these words said with power
When May comes around, she'd better have damn good flowers!

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Sitting In My Room

Rain, Rain

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